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Angelo Nicholas

November 12, 2023
Trip taken November 12, 2023

I had a great day fishing. Lots of fish on and 4 landed. Steelhead. Nick is easy to fish with, very knowledgeable and really does work to get you on fish. I can’t say enough. Thanks Nick!


Austin Clear

November 6, 2023
Trip taken November 6, 2023

Had the best time I have had on the river in a long time usally a salmon fisherman tried the chrome this weekend and i will never go back nick kept us on the fish hes a awesome guy great attiude and has the best intent to put fish in the boat will recommend him 100 percent and i ...

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Joseph Leontyuk

October 14, 2023
Trip taken October 14, 2023

If you’re looking to catch salmon/steelhead, look no further. Seriously, Nick is the man for the job. The guy is extremely respectful, his knowledge for fishing is extraordinary, and overall the best guide I’ve ever experienced. Unforgettable experience, I will always be going wi...

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Jean Caron

October 14, 2023
Trip taken October 14, 2023

Don't think twice before booking Nick. I booked him for my first time salmon fishing and learned some tricks that you won't find in the books. The morning was tough and fish were not biting, but Nick was very persistent and went above and beyond. we moved to a secret spot where I...

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Eric Gerling

October 13, 2023
Trip taken October 13, 2023

He is the best fishing guide around amazing. Friendly and super supportive had great fishing trip due to him . Simply the best guide around , had amazing time thanks nick

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